Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Poor Baby

Perennially complaining conservative whiner, Peter DiGaudio of Texas Hold 'em Blogger, can dish it out, but can't take it. He complains in comments on Xoff's site that he can't catch a break, and the mean old establishment is against him getting a job. Heck, he even applied for THREE jobs in the 80s, and didn't get hired for any of them, and he's sure that it was because of his skin color.

Now he works at a $7,000 a year job trying to teach inner city kids who don't want to learn (his words). While I could go on and on about a person claiming to be an educator putting down his/her own students as deplorable, I'm more interested in someone working for $7,000 a year in this day and age. Peter, you could make more money delivering papers.

If you take a look at Peter's blogsite, I'm thinking you will notice what I noticed...a lot of anger and it's not very well written. Not well written in the sense he cannot maintain an argument that makes sense. I've posted twice about this here and here.

Anyway, in response to a comment I made that perhaps the reason he is not hired for better jobs is because of his attitude, Peter advises me to get a 9mm, stick it in my mouth and blow my worthless ass away. Peter’s such a meany.

I hear conservatives go on and on about the anger from the left. Pat McIlheran claims it's because lefties are childish and immature, while conservatives are thoughtful and well-mannered, and would never resort to name calling or threats. Ha ha ha.

Pat, meet Peter, a poster child for anger management and the need for timeouts.

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