Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jessica McWhiner

Jessica McBucher is already whipping out the blog posts stating that the Dems had an unfair advantage because they violated the anti-partisan aspect of the mayoral race in Waukesha. How did they do this? The Waukesha County Democratic Party sent out a memo advising members to do visibility demonstrations the day of the election.

Oh my gosh, Jessica. The horror.

Of course, the irony is that Jessica completely neglects to mention that Ann Nischke proudly proclaimed her Republicanhood and support of Bride of Tabor (a Republican-backed initiative), and that Republican former Gov. Tommy Thompson and Republican F(at). James Sensenbrenner campaigned for Dan Vrakas for Waukesha County board exec.

She saves the funniest for last. She has protested long-windedly and hard against the anti-war referendums in the state. She even resorted to Joe McCarthy tactics and claimed they were set up by communist front groups, notwithstanding there are numerous stories of people who felt so strongly that they pushed for these referendums on their own, without any outside help, and succeeded in getting them on ballots. Anyway, Jessica claims victory by pointing out that if you remove the votes from Shorewood, Madison and La Crosse, voters by a solid majority voted against the referendums.

Uh, I see. Is that the new McBucher and Republican strategy? In this November’s elections, the defeat of Republican-backed candidates will be nullified because the votes of liberals don’t count?

Jessica McBucher, defender of tyranny and a (look up the word Rush Limbaugh used to describe the women allegedly raped by a lacrosse team) for the Republican establishment.

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