Friday, February 10, 2006

Cartoons a Little Fishy

You know, something seemed a little fishy about the Danish cartoon extravaganza. This guy just out of the blue decides to enlist the aid of cartoonists to print inflamatory cartoons to prove a point that the West has freedom of speech, and the Islam world does not.

Well, John Suggs exposes a little more of the story. The guy who is responsible for this whole sordid affair is Flemming Rose, a close confederate of Daniel Pipes. Pipes is an extreme racist who wants the elimination of Palestinaians, according to John Sugg, and was nominated by Bush to the...get this...Institute of Peace. Anyway, the story by Sugg is along.

The lengths that the Bushies will go to ensure they stay in power in extraordinary...and pathetic...impeach the bastard.

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James Wigderson said...

I challenge you to point out where Daniel Pipes called for the elimination of the Palestinians, or anything that indicates he is a racist.