Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Brewers Contend in 2006?

The Milwaukee Brewers contending in 2006? No way. Well, Tristan Cockcroft at ESPN thinks so if everything falls in place. Personally, I like what the new owner has done and I like Ned Yost. I believe he one of the best young managers in the game. If Ben Sheets, Carlos Lee, Geoff Jenkins and the youngsters (Fielder, Weeks, Hardy, Hart, Hall, etc.) play to their expected levels, who knows?

by Tristan Cockcroft

Things are finally looking up in Milwaukee. The Brewers, who entered 2005 tied with the Pittsburgh Pirates for the longest streak of losing-record seasons (12), managed to improve to .500 and third place in the National League Central. It's progress, and perhaps the most encouraging development of all is that the Brewers' new owner, Mark Attanasio, boosted the payroll last season and seemed to bring new life to the here to read the entire article.

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