Friday, February 15, 2008

State of the GB Yoopers

State of the Yoopers:
The Yoopers look like they will be making their first playoff appearance this season. It is my hope that we can improve on that and be a serious contender next season. We are in good financial shape and have added a few pieces in the Buchholz trade. We go into the off season looking to fill a few needs however.
PITCHING: My top our are Carmona, Oswalt, Schilling, and Guthrie (a 7th round pick that had a good year). Sean Marshall will have to make some starts for Guthrie and Schilling. I may be looking at upgrading my 5th starter, it is either Fogg or Woody Williams right now. I can address that either through draft, trade or FA.
My bullpen looks to be strong, as I mentioned in my other blog. K-Rod, Jenks, Qualls, Embry, 32 innings from Otsuka. Chad Cordero looks to be the odd man out. Yates and Thornton can provide mop up innings.
CATCHER: My third round pick from a few years ago, McCann, is a cornerstone of my team. I have a solid backup in Valentine.
INFIELD. 3B-Beltre, SS/2B Theriot (late round pick in 2006), 1B Berkman. Looks good. I will be looking for a middle infielder to team with Theriot as a starter. Punto is my only backup at this point.
OF: CF-Hunter. Another cornerstone. Corner OF- Matt Diaz can play about half the games, and had a very good year. Jaque Jones and Matt Murton are players that will get Abs. The disappointing Bill Hall is also there. This is an area I hope to add my other big bat to in FA.
DH. If I add two bats this off season, this will be the other spot, along with OF.
It is my hope I can get two more bats, a 2B, and a 5th starter without doing too much damage to my good money situation . I should have a team that will be in the hunt. There are some fine managers and a few elite teams in the league, and overhauling them will not be easy.
I hope everyone has a great and fun off season.

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