Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beyond 85-77

Like Lenny and Daniel further down the page, it is that time of the Strat year when a manager can't help but get overly excited about the upcoming season. True, as a frigid winter league we won't start up again till September, but with Lenny's UPS compatriots delivering cards and disks to the Strat playing nation, how can one not get fired up for the next campaign?

So fresh off my unexpected season I thought I'd share as well my prospects for the immediate future.


The strength of the Challengers figures to get even better in 08-09. Prince and Hanley suffered no downturn in their sophomore seasons. Curtis Granderson has became a mesmerizing player who is also thoughtfully well-spoken. Matt Kemp is itching to break out, but 08-09 should provide a glimpse of what he will become for the Challenger faithful down the road. Steady Austin Kearns will return for the last year of his A contract. Never the superstar we hoped for- just reliable production from a perfect #6 hitter with stellar RF defense. Rounding out the attack will be Jose Bautista and Jason Kubel- both of whom started to perform better during the 2007 MLB season.


Any BRASS manager knows you have to have the arms to get that elusive Bucket. Someday I'll make that Bucket mine and the groundwork is hopefully being laid with the 08-09 moundsmen. Tom Gorzelanny and James Shields are young, cheap and above average pitchers who only figure to get better. Joining them will be Yovanni Gallardo, a prospect Challenger management has dug on for a few years now. No secret that Challenger management root, root, roots for the Brewers makes Yo's ascension to the Big Club all the sweeter. Unfortunately, the successes are balanced by the setbacks (Francisco Liriano & Cliff Lee) and the stalled (Anthony Reyes). Still, the bullpen is equally youth-laden and founded on the power arms of Jason Frasor, Manny Corpas, Tony Pena & Tyler Johnson.


As Daniel mentions below, with the rule change comes a different BRASS draft. The Challengers will be retaining two youngsters- Adam Miller and Reid Brignac. Both have solid shots to graduate to the ML level in 2008. With a 1st and 2nd round pick the Challengers will be in good position to add some more talent to the club.

With no integral cog of the Challenger machine advanced beyond the ripe-old age of 26, the Bucket-chasing prospects of the club remains bright.

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