Friday, February 15, 2008

My Buchholz trade

I know an invitation was extended to Brass members to share their thoughts on trades in this blog. I just completed a big trade. I (Green Bay Yoopers) dealt top prospect Clay Buchholz and my number one pick for Lance Berkman and Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod.)
I believe my team is ready to compete next season, which was why I was willing to deal a top prospect and pick. In getting k-Rod, I now have an 8th inning shutdown guy in Krod, and a 9th inning closer in Jenks. Add to that good 7th inning guys like Alan Embry and Chad Qualls, not to mention 32 good innings from Otsuka, I have the makings of a top bullpen. That will correspond nicely with my top four starters of Carmona, Oswalt, Guthrie, and Schilling.
By acquiring Berkman, I get a big bat I needed. To contend, I felt I had to do better at 1B than a platoon of Dan Johnson (now available) and Millar. And both Berkman and K-Rod are under contract for a few more years.
Buchholz, surprisingly, was my 2nd round pick last year (not a first). I hope he has a great career for Vaughn. I view drafting in one of two ways. Build the team through the draft, or do a great job drafting and then trade the prospects for proven players. Last year I traded Adam Miller and Reid Briegnac in the Bill Hall trade. Hall slumped this year, but his bat for the season we are playing is a part of the puzzle that will allow me to make my first playoff appearance in franchise history (it looks like I will make it anyway, barring a great run by one of my competitors).
I hope the trade works for both of us.

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Other Side said...

Bob, you picked up an awful lot of salary for the next 3-4 years. I know you have a large bank account, but be careful. It can whither away pretty quickly.