Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Phase Out Uncarded Players

Since Mark has posted his change proposals, I'd like to add one of my own. Last year we lowered from five to three the number of uncarded players each team is allowed to keep. I'd like to make that the first step in a process of phasing out uncarded players entirely. We discussed last year the reasons why allowing uncarded players has proven to be a drawback: mainly, the draft is less fun when there are hardly any players in it who can have an immediate impact on your team.

Therefore, I propose that starting in 2009, no team may keep more than one uncarded player on its roster. If that is approved, a year from now I'll propose that uncarded players be eliminated entirely starting in 2010.

4 Swings of the bat:

mlentz said...

I personally line the more AMs the better.

There used to be no AMs in BRASS. Then we voted them in and every year thereafter, it seemed, we would have votes to raise the AM limit.

Then caught up in the whirlwind of changes, which were all fine, we voted to drop the AM limit.

Basically, I'm getting to be like Lewis Black and his bit on eggs:

"First the govt said eggs were bad, and I didn't eat any eggs. Then they were good- so I at a lot of eggs to make up for the eggs I din't eat. Then they said they were bad again...then they were bad.....&%%^&&....make up your mind....I gotta eat!"


"First we can't draft AMs, so I didn't. Then they said I could, so I drafted a bunch...then they said I could only have less so I drafted less. But some wanted more, and now some want none.....&&**&^^&....just make up your mind....I gotta draft!"


Other Side said...

I agree with Mark. I'd like to see 25-30 players ... maybe more ... in the minor league system.

Make it a real farm system.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are those who agree with the above comments. If that's the majority sentiment, then my proposal will fail and deserves to. But if last year's vote meant that the majority wanted to get rid of uncarded players but thought doing it all at once was too drastic, this is the way to continue the process of phasing them out.

BRASS wouldn't be the first league to expand the draft pool only to go back on the decision later. My other Strat league moved to include computer-only players after years of allowing only fully carded players. A couple of years later it changed back to carded-only because we didn't like the decrease in the number of impact players in the draft pool. And that decrease, as you might imagine, was far less than the one caused by BRASS's rules.

mlentz said...

Steve, honestly, I don't care too much either way: zero AMs or a limited amount. Your post just allowed me to riff on Lewis Black, which I always appreciate ;-)

My overall point is that as Strat leagues see members come and go, so do ideas on this topic. If we keep shifting the ground as members come and go, it makes it hard to plan for the future- at least for those in for the long haul.

I would prefer we simply decree this matter once and for all and leave it untouched from further change.