Monday, May 21, 2007

McBride Admits Wing-Nut Radio is Offensive

In a surprising twist, former WTMJ talk hack, Jessica McBride, admits that right-wing talk radio is offensive. She says this at her old blog:

I am disappointed because I fear that WTMJ has set a new standard for "offensiveness" on the radio that all conservative hosts in this town are now going to be judged by. I think that's a very dangerous precedent that should concern anyone who cares about a thriving conservative media.

Leaving aside the fact she was probably the most offensive of them all, it's amusing that she would admit that a thriving conservative media requires a certain level of offensiveness.

4 Swings of the bat:

John McAdams said...

You are misrepresenting what she said.

She was saying that the standard seems to be that anything that liberals find offensive will get tossed off talk radio.

I don't think it's true, but if so, it's very dangerous since liberals seem to get offended at even knowing conservative ideas are being expressed.

By the way, you liberal bloggers have allowed yourselves to get caught up in carrying the water for a fellow with some rather personal issues with McBride.

Other Side said...

Professor, you've nailed the issue with Ms McBride. For someone who claims to be a professional journalist, and is teaching our children, one would think she would be a just a bit more precise with the language.

I do find your next sentence, in which you claim we liberals become offended whenever conservative ideas are floated, to be absurd and beneath your stature as a learned man. That's just copying from the Rove playbook. I would think you would know better.

Lastly, that's an interesting bit of fiction about Mr. Rowen. I did read your piece previously and shrugged it off as coincidence. Mr. Rowen was hardly alone in condemning McBride. He barely beat me to posting and I happen to know a few others who were jumping into the fire, so to speak, at that moment. Ms McBride is grasping for any straw she can.

In any case, thank you for your comments.

Anonymous said...

The standard for liberals is to silence opposing thoughts.

You allow yourself to have two sides to your mouth, but mouths that come from the other side, must be silenced.

Good job

Other Side said...

Nice try, Anonymous. However, your petty argument doesn't carry water and it's getting really old and tired.

Come back when you have something original to say.