Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kane Putdown of McBride

Eugene Kane has a new post up at JSOnline. This will get all the wing-nuts who follow Kane like stalkers at night in a tizzy. I think it's pretty funny and right on. Here's the link. I especially like this line:

Actually, I'm here to say I had nothing to do with Jessica Mcbride taking a blow-torch to her career with an un-funny and insensitive comedy sketch that mentioned the sad death of a four-year old girl in Milwaukee.

Kane is right. He had nothing to do with McBride self-destructing, nor did the legion of liberal bloggers who found her rants sophomoric at best. It was all her own fault. She can point the finger all she wants, we know where it really should be pointed.

1 Swings of the bat:

Anonymous said...

How long before Lady Bucher blames her firing on Islamofacists or illegal aliens or both?

I also noticed that her "good friend" Charlie did not raise the most stirring support for her. Maybe he is really part of this conspiracy that only she is aware of (when she is not wearing her tinfoil chapeau,that is).