Saturday, May 19, 2007

Thoughts on McBride Firing

Before I leave for a weekend of debauchery, helping a very old friend celebrate his 51st birthday (all right, maybe no debauch will occur, I am happily married ... and we are in our 50s, hard to move too fast), I did want to address my other reader and say that I feel no glee at the firing of Jessica McBride, former 620 WTMJ talk hack. I did not like the woman. It's probably not fair, because I've never met her personally. However, I did see and listen to her at the recent Blogger-o-rama and came away from the long distance encounter feeling as though I had been in the presence of one of Satan's minions (yes, I am not a believer, but Satan is also a literary figure).

Satan really is a cool name. Here, say it with me ... SATAN. Oooooh!

I'm going to admit something that I know will get a lot of nods of approval from my other reader (I think there is more than one) ... I can push the envelope at times. In that regard, I suppose it could be asked, why McBride? I think it's because she juxtaposed the death of a four-year old innocent with an attempt to garner some political points, and because deep down she comes across as a petty and mean person.

So, while I don't fully agree with her firing ... an apology to the general audience would have been sufficient ... she did bring this on herself and as she grew more and more shrill, the chances of her going bye bye grew and grew, IMHO.

Anyway, bye bye and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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Anonymous said...

Boy have you had some week!!!
1st Falwell up and dies and then McBride decides to take on the JS's very own in house black liberal editorial play Russian roulette long enough and you will lose!!!

By the way, I didnt realize that Other and Anonymous were linked...I'll just get a secret Google password...