Monday, April 24, 2006

We Believe in the Bill of Rights

This is what should have been posted by Ragnar.

4 Swings of the bat:

Anonymous said...

Is that the Constitution with the right to an abortion in it or the regular one? ;)

Other Side said...

No. It's the one missing the right to privacy ... you know, the right everyone would be screaming about if it were suddenly taken away. (:p

Anonymous said...

Would you be refering to the first amendment that guarentees the right of free speech to all, or the first amendment that only guarentees that right to people who agree with liberals.

Or how about the one where the President's job is to protect America, or the constituition that says that you can't do anything without Feingolds approval.

How about the constitution that says its ok for gov't to take private property if it increases the tax base?

How about the constitution that limits gov't, or do you want me to root for the one that limits individual freedoms?

How about the one that says that I have a right to carrie a weapon.

Please let me know what constitution you are reading.

Other Side said...

Elliot's point I enjoyed in the gentle jab it was intended, Clint.

Your points make no sense at all. None of them have any factual basis for argument (in the constitution); other than your second amendment point, which I have a more generous view of, closely resembling conservative thought on it.

So far, par for the course from you. When you want to deal with facts, let me know. You're welcome to comment anytime.

I do thank you for keeping it clean.