Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Vote Your Wallet

This was too good by Greg Saunders over at "This Modern World."

Gas Prices

Oil Company Stock Prices

Big Oil's campaign contributions

Greg Saunders says: You're paying at the pump. Get payback at the polls.

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Anonymous said...

It is, after all, Democrats who have been blocking construction of new refineries, blocking development of new oil fields, and mandating the added expense of vast different formulations, all of which increase the cost of supplying gasoline.

As long as you are posting charts, go find the one which compares oil company profits to those of other industries.

Other Side said...

Nah. I don't have the time, what with laying out mulch in the yard and helping my son with his 5th grade science project.

You do it. You're the one questioning the veracity of the information.

Anonymous said...

Instead of the "vote your wallet" campaign, how about using your wallet in a different way - don't use it to buy petroleum. The beautiful thing about capitalism is freewill - if you think something is too expensive, you can stick it to the man and not buy it. Cool!

It's great to see "Big Oil" creep back into the vernacular. It's so much easier to hate a stereotype - a greedy fat guy behind a desk somewhere counting his money rather than the millions of people who own oil companies through their pensions, 401(k), 403(b), and IRAs.

Other Side said...

It too bad that "anonymous" remains part of the venacular.

It's cowardly to comment in that fashion and I will rectify that immediately by not allowing "anonymous" comments.

Oh, and by the way, I don't see those millions of people raking in the big bucks like "Big Oil" CEOs. In fact it's those millions of people that are most affected when crooked CEOs like your buddy Kenny Lay fuck 'em over.

They're just trying to make a living. Don't muddy the waters by changing the subject.

Chris said...

I did notice you didnt complain about the 45.9 cpg tax you paid to the government with each gallon. Remind me again what the government did to help produce that gallon of gas.

Oh and I doubt you care but all comment bans at my place have been lifted. If I can make peace with Jay I figured I could try with other people

So go forth and comment away

Other Side said...

I'm with you on the tax. It baffles me why people would even think that these outrageous payments to CEOs are okay. I'm not advocating socialism, but a little off the top of greed doesn't seem too out of the ordinary.

I did notice your lifting of the ban, Chris. I've commented a couple times there.

For what it's worth ... It does matter to me, actually. Eerything James has told me about you convinces me you're a little crazy, but basically a good guy. It's the slighty crazy who make things change.

And, we have at least two things in common. I have a real love for Russian history and I also know you have adopted at least one child. My wife and I have begun the process of adopting ... we hope for a little girl.