Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pros and Cons

I was scanning through a few blogs and saw that Belle at Leaning Blue was initiating a form of Point/Counter Point forum. It's a nice idea. The first part of it was to be on the pros and cons of corporate blogging. Jumping the gun a bit -- typically of conservatives (MHO) -- Fred took it upon himself to play the role of all positions (including the ugly).

SURPRISE. Charlie Yikes was the epitome of what a good corporate blog is all about. Yikes is an arrogant blowhard. The day will come when people finally see through Herr Transparency.

The bad was covered by Spivak and Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel…another big surprise. Fred apparently has nothing better to do than track the leanings of Spivak and Bice, similar to the machinations of the Media Research Center and their resident quack, Brent Bozell. Lots of drivel.

The last had to do mainly with the Racine Journal Times and the fact that a conservative blogger was no longer allowed to e-mail the Journal Times because his “crime” was complaining about its bias. Head knock! Complaining about bias is one thing, being vulgar and crude while doing it (my gut feeling in this case) is another.

UPDATE: The Racine Journal Times has apparently (there's that McBucher word again) decided to release the ban on this particular blogger. Shame on the Racine Journal Times if its ban was merely because someone expressed an opinion, civilly.

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