Monday, February 27, 2006

A Plug for Magic Eraser!

Not much in the mood for blogging today. Dropped the kiddies off at their mother's house the other evening and immediately began missing them. I've been told I'll be happier to move them when they reach their teenage years...I am not so sure.

Spent the day cleaning. Dusted and vacuumed in the living room, tidied up the kid's room (that was hard) and then proceeded to cleaning the kitchen floor, which had accumulated all sorts of grime and muck the past few months. Regular mopping has had only an illusory effect. More was needed.

Magic Eraser!

While it does require that I get down on my knees for this, and my 49 year old knees do not take kindly to kneeling on hard surfaces, Magic Eraser! (each time you read those two words, imagine a booming voice saying the words out loud, like on tv ads of old)...say it again...Magic Eraser!

Anyway, Magic Eraser!...oh, stop it already.

Using the product is easy. Soak it in water, rinse it out, and then scrub the surface. It takes off grime and muck and even removes surface scratches.

It really was a remarkable transformation. The floor looked new again. And all because of...

I'm not going there again.

Well, just one more time because it is time to end the day...

Magic Eraser!

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