Sunday, January 06, 2008

San Jose Launches Into a Trading Frenzy

The San Jose Scorpions, under the leadership of new owner David Silverberg, completely remade its roster in December. Below is a list of players and other items San Jose received and sent away.

San Jose and Green Bay Yoopers

San Jose trades Fausto Carmona, Chad Cordero, Akinori Otsuka, Kevin Millar, Nick Punto and San Jose's 2008 4th to Green Bay for Carlos Pena, Mike Lamb, Joel Peralta, Kevin Slowey.

San Jose trades a top number two pitcher in Carmona (great next year), a couple of utility players in Punto and Millar and relief pitchers to wild-card contending Green Bay for Carlos Pena (big bat next year), Mike Lamb (useful PAs and good platoon potential at three positions), Joel Peralta (middle reliever with 80+ innings) and Kevin Slowey (a young pitcher with potential).

Both teams looking to next year with the exchange Pena and Carmona.

San Jose and Cream City

San Jose traded Carlos Villanueva to Cream City for Troy Patton and Cream City's 2009 3rd.

Cream City bolsters its pitching staff for next year with swingman Villanueva. Troy Patton, a lefty out of the Astros farm chain is considered a potential #3/4 starter as San Jose continues to build for the future.

San Jose and Olympia

San Jose traded Tom Gordon, Carlos Silva, Rudy Seanez and Great Kills 2008 2nd to Olympia for Barry Zito, Jacoby Ellsbury and Ron Villone.

San Jose receives that lefty starter they have been looking for in Zito, plus an exciting young prospect in Ellsbury. Olympia receives some ancient innings from Tommy Gordon, though they should help if Olympia is making a run for a wild card berth. Silva provides some awful 2007 innings and slighty better help in 2008. Seanez and Villone are washes, though Seanez provides some ok 2008 numbers.

San Jose and Montgomery County

San Jose traded Scott Baker and Chris Ianetta to Montgomery County for Chris Snyder, Randy Wolf, Andrew Brown, Chuck Lofgren and $2.2M.

San Jose grabs another lefty starter in Randy Wolf, the question being whether he will rebound successfully from December arm surgry. Chris Ianetta was a disappointment in Colrado and will be a quick hook if he does not start hitting. Consequently, picking up the improving Snyder is not a bad idea, though his status remains backup. Scott Baker has some potential though his fast ball is a bit straight. He might make a #5 starter. Lofgren has potential, but not for a couple years.

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