Sunday, January 06, 2008

San Jose Again and Again

San Jose is at it again. Two more trades to report ... one in December and another more recent one in January.

San Jose and Southtown

San Jose trades Vernon Wells and $700,000 to Southtown for Brendan Harris, Kevin Correia and Southtown's 2009 2nd.

Southtown making a bid for the playoffs and beyond (?) with this acquisition of Vernon Wells. Wells' defense and power should help the Misers lineup. Brendan Harris is a decent pickup for 2008 shortstop, but his defense is not that strong, nor are there many TB chances on his card. There are worse choices though. San Jose probably figured it would have a tough time matching any bids for restricted free agent Wells, though his lackluster 2007 campaign should lower his price. Kevin Correia will provide some average relief and starter IPs. Nice swingman.

San Jose and Diamond

San Jose trades Kevin Slowey, Humberto Sanchez, San Jose's 2008 1st and Cream City's 2008 1st for Josh Hamilton and Diamonds 2008 2nd and 5th.

San Jose must have a lot of faith in Hamilton staying healthy and having a good year (and staying sober which we all hope happens). Plus, Cream City's #1 will be the number one or two pick in the draft and San Jose's will be top ten. That's a lot to give up. Sanchez was once considered as high as Zumaya ... he's an intriguing thought if he has recovered from elbow-ligament surgery.

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Qksilver said...

Thanks Tim for the updates on my early wheeling & dealing, had not realized it was all going on the boards!

So first off let me thank you all once again for welcoming me into BRASS. The initial flurry of trades was great & I had a lot of negotiations with a bunch of owners that made me feel at home very quickly. As you can tell I am in rebuilding mode this season but hope to compete for a playoff spot in 2008-09, and then hopefully for more than that in 2009-10.

Let me add a little more context to the deals that Tim broke down previously, just for fun.

Hamilton for prospects, picks & Slowey:
Vaughn knows from BLOC that I like Hamilton & love LH sluggers in general. We must’ve spent about 20 emails pulling this deal together after a bunch of false starts. In the end I gave up a lot for Hamilton, but yes I’m a believer & SP prospects are an iffy bunch. I think Vaughn should get at least 1 good player from the 4 I sent over, but if Hamilton is a 30 HR guy for the next 5-6 years, I'll be happy.

V Wells for B Harris, Correia & a pick:
Wells has great D but his card value has always depended on his BA. I tend to like more OBP in my premier players, and with Sizemore already on the books I could deal Wells and not hurt too much. B Harris I wanted as a possible stand-in for Lopez at 2B next year since Lopez’ bat went cold, should provide decent D (maybe 3e8?) and some balance vs LHP. But I’m hoping that Correia is my diamond in the rough here. He will likely start for the Giants the next 2-3 seasons and his peripherals indicate he can be a #3 SP type and not just a journeyman 4/5. Time will tell.

Zito, Ellsbury & Villone for Tom Gordon, Carlos Silva, Rudy Seanez and Great Kills' 2008 2nd Round Draft pick:
I got a 200+ IP lefty with a surprisingly decent card for next year, but I paid a huge price tag on him. And the reason is Ellsbury. I basically bought Ellsbury for about $1.5M a year for 4 years, then paid fair market for Zito & got Villone in the deal to balance out my RH-heavy pen.

Scott Baker and Chris Iannetta for Chris Snyder, Randy Wolf, Andrew Brown, Chuck Lofgren and $2,200,000:
I’m gambling some money that Wolf will have a good bounceback year in SD. I like Lofgren as a future #2-3 SP, and Brown gives me some RP depth in case I want to deal another arm from the pen, which looks to be solid for next year.

Carlos Villanueva for Troy Patton and Cream City's 2009 3rd Round Draft pick:
Villanueva splits to LHs were not good for my park, and I ended up getting Correia to replace him. Patton should win a starting job with the O’s, especially if they deal Bedard, and has a #3 SP type of ceiling.

Fausto Carmona, Chad Cordero, Akinori Otsuka, Kevin Millar, Nick Punto and San Jose's 2008 4th Round for Carlos Pena, Mike Lamb, Joel Peralta and Kevin Slowey:
As Tim wrote, this is really Pena for Carmona with some other stuff thrown in. 1B was a gaping hole on this team for the future, and Pena’s card will be a top 5 or 6 hitter card overall, with very nice D at 1B. I also am a long-term believer in him & project 30-35 HRs for the next 5-6 years. Carmona is talented but you have to give some to get some.

So I’ve taken on some salary, but moving forward I think I’ve got a nice core of hitters with Rollins, Sizemore, Pena, Hamilton & Ellsbury. I need some IF help & 1 or 2 SPs to compete, so next year may be a little thin still, but looking forward to FA’s & the draft! Feel free to get in touch on trades & thanks again for having me.

Dave, aka Qksilver (SAN)