Monday, June 11, 2007

Glad He Won't Be Chief

I read recently that former city of Milwaukee police officer, Glenn D. Frankovis, the originator of the "thug" memo a few years ago, was recently told he was no longer being considered for the position of Police Chief of the city of Milwaukee. I read his resume cover letter (posted at Real Debate) ... it would make an excellent example of how not to write a resume cover letter.

Copied below are a couple comments by Mr. Frankovis at Real Debate. I for one am thankful this fruitloop was not considered. I have a tough time thinking he would be able to show any form of objectivity.

What we need are more Bookmobiles and church meetings to discuss Anger Management. Anybody up for a chorus of "We are the world?"Glenn D. Frankovis 06.11.07 - 4:44 pm #

These clowns derive their power from the real thugs in this country - the mainstream media and its ultra left wing puppeteers. The fact that Republicans don't seem to have the balls to stand up to them doesn't help either.Glenn D. Frankovis 06.09.07 - 10:36 am #

UPDATE: Saint Fred at Real Debate caught that I inaccurately referred to Frankovis' resume, when it should have been his cover letter. Unlike wingnuts, I admit and correct my errors.

2 Swings of the bat:

Anonymous said...

That was his cover letter, not his resume.

It clearly stated that.

Other Side said...

You're right, my mistake. Still, poorly written and organized.