Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bill Clement (aka Billiam)

Preferring smaller, more intimate get togethers, today was another effort by The Other Side to bring some sort of peace to the blogosphere. Not that any effort really was needed between Bill Clement (author of View from the Cheap Seats) and myself. Bill has always been respectful and his comments always fun to read.

Anyway, today Bill, my wife, our youngest daughter and I got together for breakfast at the Machine Shed this morning at ten. What a pleasure it was to meet and chat with Bill! While we come from mostly different aspects of the national debate on everything, Bill and I agree that what is most important is we are human and we can get together and be friendly.

I would say more than just friendly, because after just one meeting (though countless blog meetings), I am happy to consider Bill a friend. Now if only dad29 can make it. Daddio, I was going to ask Bill if he had met you (while retaining your anonymity). But since Bill mentioned you by name right off the bat, you became a topic of conversation. Bill confirmed that we would probably enjoy a get together.

Bill says he will be available again sometime in July (or so). I'm already beginning preliminary plans for another barbecue. See you, and Bill then (I hope).

4 Swings of the bat:

Dad29 said...

Bill and I have, indeed, met.

Several times--all are very good memories.

We were working oub a plan for rescuing your daughter from YOU before she became a Lefty.

Other Side said...

My wife will not let her become a lefty ... wait a minute, that's not right.

Billiam said...

I truly enjoyed it and look forward to a cookout. Your daughter is a joy, and will continue to be. No matter which side she lands on. That's due to her parents.

Anonymous said...

Tim Rock..."Good will ambassador to the RIGHT"!!! Breakfast with Billiam!!! Cook-out with the Wigderson's!!! Olive branch to Dad29!!! Where will it end???
Suggestion...How about dinner with Jessica McBride??? Just a thought!!!

Seriously, I tip my hat to you!!!
The debate of ideas is what has made this country strong!!!
Looking forward to this afternoon
and a day of "good will" between friends!!!