Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Liar, Liar

For someone who protests quite a lot that the left uses the word racist to shut down the speech of conservatives, Jessica McBride surely seems obsessed with people whose skin is a darker hue. Six of her last seven posts either had to do with immigration issues (you know, brown people coming to America), or Michael McGee (you know, that black guy in Milwaukee). Considering that the brouhaha that got her fired, at its core, had to do with an unfunny and sophomoric practical joke she attempted to pull on Eugene Kane (you know, the black columnist for the Journal Sentinel), and one cannot help but wonder why she is so obsessed.

Plus, she lives in the town of Merton, where black people have not been welcomed, of late, by some of its residents.

Is she a racist? I really don't know. I do know that her continued obsession with non-whites (let's not forget the Muslims in our midst) is suspicious.

Oh, btw, in my opinion she's lying when she says she moved her WTMJ comments to one spot for easy reading. The only reason she did so was because she wasn't aware that Google caching enabled people to find those posts and re-publish them for all to see her lunacy. Kind of an "oops" on her part, don'tcha think?

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