Friday, March 09, 2007

Newt Gingrich is an Offensive Person

Gingrich can claim all he wants that he is not being a hypocrite (read the article) about having had an affair while leading the charge to impeach Clinton (over dubious charges … any lie he made having nothing to do with running this country, rather sexual indiscretions with an intern) … and now admits all this with James Dobson, grupenfuhrer of Focus With the Family.

Gotta love the christian conservatives. Now Newt will be forgiven in the eyes of god and all will be good.

4 Swings of the bat:

Dad29 said...

To forgive is divine.

But some "conservatives" cannot forget.

Other Side said...

Hi dad ... glad you came back. Yes, to forgive is divine. I forgive Newt, too. We are, after all, human. What I find hard to forgive is his continuing to claim some sort of higher ground, and so many accepting that.

Anonymous said...

You could not be more wrong.

Newt's chances are now dead.

It is the left that does not hold their own to standard.

Go on, have sex with a page, we'll re-elect you, nah,. we don't care about the $90,000 in your freezer or the resources you took away from rescue efforts to retrieve it, we'll re-elect you too.

Grow up worry about your own.

Other Side said...

Fred ... The equivalency argument again? Are you so clueless you can't stay on topic?

But, to answer: Jefferson is despicable. But hey, I didn't vote for him. I'm guessing your other point has to do with Barney Frank. Same answer.

btw: If I go to your place I will be polite. You may want to work on your punctuation, though. It makes you appear illiterate. Though from reading some of your previous rants, I suspect it may be true.