Tuesday, March 06, 2007

High Minded Indeed

I know I’m cutting in on Mike Mathias’ (of Pundit Nation) schtick of exposing the high-minded intellectualism of some of the visitors to Owen Robinson’s Boots and Sabers site, but this comment from two-time “intellectual,” mickey, really is too good.

Regarding Ann Coulter: Mickey is right, Ann Coulter does does not represent conservatism. However, she and mickey do represent its uglier side.

Steve-zero, there is a difference between people of character like Owen, and liberal ass hats like you. Owen examines his moral conscience and chooses to suipport or not support someone based on their acts words and deeds Mental midgets like you choose your leaders based on their ideology. Ann Coulter is correct most of the time, but her “bile” as you call it, has lost her the modicum of support she recieved from the likes of Owen. Bill Clinton is a rapist, you have no problem with that. Republicans and conservatives take out their trash. Liberals get in bed with theirs. Zero, you morally bankrupt libs have a KKK WIZARD and TED KENNEDY serving you nicely. Then there’s William Jefferson.

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