Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We're So Sorry

With the Badger Blog Alliance shindig coming soon (yours truly will not be attending for multiple reasons), now is the time to check out "Above the Borderline." One of its members ran afoul of my buddy, Chris, of spottedhorse2 fame. Now he’s not invited to the picnic. He’s very sad … as are some of his friends. If you want to commiserate, check out the links below. Their apologies are touching … NOT! But they are hilarious. If you click over now you will be entertained by:

Hurry, Supplies are Limited

And who can forget this time-honored classic:

Countdown to Badger Blog Alliance Bash: Only 4 Days

Hey, I used to drink Old Mill when I was a kiddy, it was cheap.

Don’t Worry If You Swill Too Much Old Mill

Clean up while reading this gem.

Count Down To Badger Blog Alliance Bash ... Don't Forget The Soap!

Get the hankys out. Damn the MSM. They wouldn’t report this.

Tragic Lawn Dart Accident at BBA/KKK Picnic!

Big forearms? You'll like this.

I Like to Swear, I Used to be a Sailor

There's more, but time and space wait for no one and I have little of the former. Click here. These guys are funny.

2 Swings of the bat:

Chris said...

Yes there great, hmm can you show me anywhere where I or anyone at the BBA ever attacked those assholes like they have attacked us. Slander is a very ugly word and JPN and his merry band are going to find out what that word is going to cost them.

We went out of our way to try and hold a nonpolitcal meet and greet jib wrote individual invites to a number of lefty bloggers.

I thinks its great you think them comparing us to the KKK is a hoot. but show me one example at the bba that would warrent that attack tim.

I am glad you found some new playmates tim you would have been more than welcome at the event. And you know that.

never forget Tim we didnt go looking for a fight with your new buddies they found us they slandered us and they are the ones that stooped such a childish level. Even after all the personal attacks show me one post on the BBA slandering them.

To be honest I am really suprised you find them funny well maybe not.

But hey here an idea Tim why dont I do a series of post about you and your family and friends calling you racist and homophobic and while I am at it why dont I slander you and see how you like it.

Come on tim you have comment privliages find me one post on my blog were I say anything to deserve the attacks by a bunch of coward asshole who up until 3 weeks ago didnt know the BBA exsisted.

I dont read your blog I was here to confirm something before I replyed to you at James place or I would never seen this. But it just reconfirms that your an asshole for finding this shit funny. You see Tim you spend alot of your worthless life running around taking shots at a lot of us do you ever notice how little you are ever mentioned on most of the right leaning blogs. In the end no one on the right really cares what you think.

Come on tim come show me one racist or anti gay post at my site or the BBA just one.

As I have stated before time your nothing more than an old stuid hippy and I was insane to thing I could make peace with you. enjoy your new buddies.

Other Side said...

Let's answer some of your issues one-by-one.

Other blogs: I don't really care that your bloggie friends don't bother with me. Do you honestly think I lose sleep over that? I go to their site, attack their misinformation at my site and leave them alone. If I do post a comment at their site it is always polite. I made that mistake once at your site and have apologized for it. Have you noticed that anything I post there is civil?

Regarding the boys in St.'s not my job to defend or attack them. Personally, I found their stuff extremely funny. We've been putting up with the likes of Coulter, Limbaugh, Beck, etc. for years now. If you can't stand the heat, Chris, get out of the kitchen.

And by the way, you brought that upon yourself. Their initial post was funny, but did not go too far. Your response goaded them into more action.

Now, would I do that? No. I probably would not go that far, but they have the right and if you're thinking of legal recourse, well good luck, I don't think you have a leg to stand on. I have seen far worse from your side of the cheddarsphere.

Chris, you set yourself up for this crap. There has not been a single post, to a liberal I have seen, in which you are even the least bit respectful to the poster.

I spoke with Jay about his difficulties with you in the past, and with a number of other liberal bloggers. You still think it okay to pretend using a gun, or arrow or causing some sort of pretend harm is funny. I'd much rather be called names than the latter. When I first began posting you, in my mind, threatened me in response and I was afraid for my family. I spoke to James and he said you were harmless, the Sam Kinison" of bloggers.

I hardly think any of those boy from St. Croix give a rats ass about you. Sometimes I think you complain too much. Perhaps if you lightened the tone of your posts and comments more liberals would take you seriously. Why do you think NONE showed up for your bash? It was because of you! I would have enjoyed meeting Dean and James, Owen, Clint, etc., and thought about coming with a peace offering of a case of beer. But you are the reason I did not go or no one else appeared.

Think about that the next time.

One last thing, quite a few people care what I think. I am on the blogroll of more legitimate blogs than you are. So, kiss my ass, Chris. I dont give a f--k about you. Wish your family well, though.