Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ironic Pity

Good grief, Patrick McIlheran is now quoting Peter DiGaudio. Of course, considering that McIlheran likes to travel WorldNetDaily and its crazy loons, I guess it makes sense.

This from DiGaudio the other day. I’m sure he didn’t see the irony in the first and last sentences. I’ll highlight them for him.

And the anti-gun Nazis shouldn't feel too smug, either. As I have maintained all along, none of this is about guns, easy access to guns, and too many guns. It's about out-of-control personal behavior.


Oh, did you ever notice that the majority of DiGaudio's posts have to do with African-Americans, or Hispanics? And, he really doesn't like Michael McGee Jr and Eugene Kane. I can understand McGee, but Kane? Kane writes opinions from his side of the aisle. But DiGaudio apparently has skin thinner than onion paper, because he rants on and on about Kane. I'll give McIlheran credit, he has the professional courtesy to deny agreeing with DiGaudio about Kane.

I read DiGaudio because he is a bellweather for the far right loonies. Always good to know what they're up to.

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