Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rambling on a Thursday

The wife and I got up early to go to the adoption agency where we listened to a nice lady talk about the ups and downs of international adoption, and where the best places to go much else. It was an interesting session. We are looking at Guatemala or Vietnam...possibly Ethiopia. My son wants a little brother and my daughter a little sister. We've been told that since we have shown no preference, that it's likely to be a boy.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. That's a long way down the road...we've just begun the process.

By the time we had finished it was sleeting. Kelly dropped me off and I promised to get the drive shoveled (none of that new fangled snow removal machines fer me). Aaaargh! With the wet sleet on top, the 3-4 inches felt like 8-12. Fortunately, I had all day. Got some laundry done and took the dogs out for a pee.

Had some in-between time and surfed over to Boots and Sabers. Heard that Owen (one of two contributors) was beginning a column at the West Bend News (gawd, I used to deliver that rag...John Torinus was the editor then...very nice man). That brought back memories of high school and running cross country for West Bend West. Gonna see some old high school buddies this weekend to hammer out the final details for LarchFest, our once a year camping get-together. Five of us from the class of 1974...turning 50, so having a band and inviting others.

I'd invite Owen and Jed. Liked their site. I don't agree with some of the politics, but not enough not to share a beer. Both are Texas A&M Aggies....roommates for four years (or 'Ol Ladies). Sounds like the old college friendship I had with Helmar, Dirk, Claudia, Holger, Christof (German students) and Jose (from Puerto Rico)...we called ourselves Los Pendejos...go look up the translation if you must. Good friends all. It's been 20 years since I last saw any of them...a bright memory in a life full of good ones.

Regarding born-again Christians. I guess they don't bother me much either if they get the hint and buzz off when I ask...always nicely. I like the bumper sticker Owen referred to (Born OK The First Time). I'm not a believer, but it seems to me that those claiming born again status, those I've met, come across with this weird superiority thing. I don't feel threatened by it, but it's as though...well, think of it this's as though they committed some serious crime and got pardoned. Now they go around letting everyone know that they're okay now.

I know this is a biblical thing...but it's still weird. Like I said, they don't bother's when they pour over into right-wing, fundamentalist, it's theocracy time, that I get bothered. And anti-abortion and anti- gay marriage...get out of my business and mind your own. If you don't want an abortion, don't have one and if you don't want to marry a member of the same sex, then don't. It's simple.

Oh oh. Getting on a roll that I really did not want. I'll stop now and spend time with my beautiful wife and her odd dogs. Tra la la.

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