Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How About Some Peer Pressure

Had a cute little conversation with Chris, author of spottedhorse2, the other day. Chris was upset that I had replied to one of his comments at The Xoff Files. Chris was trying to be smart with Xoff and wrote, "if only the stupid unwashed would let us the be in charge," implying this was what the author of the post was telling conservatives (the author of the piece Xoff copied to the post is conservative, by the way).

I took Chris' implication and ran with it, suggesting that he take a shower and return to grade school. The implication being that his comment was silly and did not even address Xoff's or the author's point.

Chris took it upon himself to e-mail me and...let's just say he was extremely rude and vulgar. The problem with it all (I certainly don't have a problem bandying words with's so easy to get under his skin), is that he frightened my wife. She asked whether it was a good idea to keep communicating with this person. Would he do more?

I said no, he would not...not to worry. And then I decided to cut off communications with him. It's not worth having my wife frightened.

However, I want everyone to know that this kind of behavior should not be tolerated. I know we all get hot sometimes...but the language and threatening tone used by Chris were absolutely uncalled for.

I hear conservatives all the time talking about how Ann Coulter and that ilk are not real conservatives and how they hate them as much as the left. How about a little closer to home?

The same goes for ranting on the left. Let's at least keep the language civil. By the way, Jessica, where are you when your side goes off the deep end?

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