Monday, February 25, 2008

BRASS 2008-09 Off-Season Begins Tonight

The league year ends tonight at midnight and we move, administratively, into the 2008-09 league season (our 19th).

Below is the off-season schedule of activities that we will be following this year. Please note that it differs modestly in a few places from the schedule outlined in last year's constitution version. The changes are to allow contract decisions to occur with a fully accurate bank account update, to calibrate key activities to weekends, to avoid having free agency fall on Easter weekend or my business trip the following weekend and to wrap the Draft before Mother's Day.

This year's schedule was trickier than usual. So please save and use this schedule as the official off-season schedule.

February 26: New League season begins. Trade freeze begins.
February 27: I will send out the roster file for contract decisions and roster cuts process.
March 1: Contract decisions and cuts are due back to me.
March 7: I will report signings, cuts, provide a free agent list and bid forms, provide revised rosters with pre-free agency bank accounts.
March 13: Free Agent bids are due.
March 15: I will send out the League Changes voting ballot. Henry sends out League Awards ballot. March 15: Free Agency process begins.
March 21 (or earlier): Free Agency process concludes.
March 25: Free Agency report is sent, league changes and league awards ballots are due.
March 27: Open trading period begins.
April 15: League changes results are reported, league awards voting totals reported.
April 18: Trade Freeze begins.
April 20: 30-man protected lists are due before the draft.
April 25: The Draft begins at 7 pm, ET.
May 9: The Draft concludes.
May 10: Open Trading period begins.
May 15: Draft report due.
May 25: Secondary Free Agency process begins. Player list and bid files sent out.
May 30: Secondary Free Agency bids are due.
June 7: Secondary Free Agency results reported.
2008-09 season begins in September.

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