Saturday, January 19, 2008

Odds and Ends

As we go into the last Brass month, I find my Green Bay Yoopers in a tough race with New York. How appropriate is that? My hometown Packers host the NY Giants tomorrow on the "Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field. It is freezing around here. As much as I love baseball, I am into football as well, and coached it for 15 seasons. I even started and manage a Packer Fan message board and go to training camp practices in summer.

Enough about football. I have been reading a lot about prospects lately. Who do you guys see as a better prospect, Buchholz or Chamberlain? Just curious.

The trade I made where I parted with Pena and netted Carmona was huge for me this past month in the pennant race. I went 11-3 on the road, 9-5 at home. But Punto gave me the ability to sit both Hall and Hunter ten games and still have a quality player there. And Otsuka has been huge in the pen for me, many quality innings in an area I was running short. And Cordero will close for me on the road this month. Jenks has eight innings left, so I will use him at home.

I like this blog site! I hope it will be used. Good luck to all in the pennant and wildcard chases.

And go Packers!


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