Wednesday, December 12, 2007

RIP Harry

Harry, one of my 12-year old son's beloved gerbils died after a very brief illness ... cause unknown. Harry was about three years old. There were some tears, but Ian has been assured that Harry has joined his gerbil brothers wherever gerbils go when they leave this plane of existence.

It's been a slow post week.

6 Swings of the bat:

Dad29 said...

As an atheist, you believe you have NO destination post-mortem.

Even gerbils get better...

capper said...

Atheism doesn't necessarily mean that there is nothing post-mortem, Daddio. Get out more often.


Give my condolences to your son. Just don't let the cat or dog near the body, else it could get really traumatic.

Other Side said...

Not true, daddio. I just don't get it all confused with religious mumbo jumbo.

Other Side said...

He's already frozen in the freezer. We tried to save Harry the night before. Gave him new bedding, fed him and placed water closer.

It was pretty touching. Ian picked Harry up ever so gently, petted him and gave him a kiss. It was just his time; he died overnight in Ian's room.

Dad29 said...

Sorry about Harry, by the way.

So what IS your destination, insofar as you will not clutter it up with mumbojumbo?

Other Side said...

I'll pass it on to Ian. He was sad as any 12-year old is wont to be.

I don't know where I'll go, that's the fun of it. I hope another planet.

I just don't care to muddle the idea with lots of guessing ... too much to do here.