Friday, November 02, 2007

Don Imus Returns and Give It a Rest

NEW YORK (AP) -- A little more than six months ago, Don Imus' career seemed doomed. The shock jock had been fired over a racist and sexist remark that ignited an uproar over the limits of taste and tolerance.

But the cantankerous Imus has clambered back from the professional brink before, and the Rasputin of radio is poised to do it again.

Citadel Broadcasting Corp. announced Thursday that Imus would return to radio Dec. 3., confirming long-rumored reports that he was coming back to morning drive time on WABC-AM, based in New York - the same city where he was banished from the airwaves last spring.

Good. I have no problem with Imus returning to the airwaves. He was punished for his remarks and deserves forgiveness and a second chance ... something James Wigderson and others on the right would do well to consider the next time they decide to make insipid remarks about Senator Ted Kennedy.

Regardless of what tabloids James and the other righties read, the Kopechne family has moved on, with no indication they have not forgiven Kennedy for his role in their daughter's death. No one knows and it's borderline crazy to keep surmising otherwise.

Or just plain shallow.

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Anonymous said...

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Dad29 said...

...Imus returning to the airwaves. He was punished for his remarks and deserves forgiveness and a second chance

You seriously compare:

1) Negligent homicide
2) Racially-stupid remarks


and, by the way, did Ted Kennedy leave office for 6 months at zero pay following the incident at Chappaquiddick?

I don't recall that "punishment."

Other Side said...

Do not your Christian(?) ideals of forgiveness apply across the board?

And, what about the shallowness of continuing to use that poor woman's name for nothing more than cheap political points?

It's sickening and it's wrong.

Dad29 said...


"Forgiveness" has a necessary pre-condition: specifically, the offender must first ASK for forgiveness.

Ted Kennedy may have done so. But his political position on the question of "life" doesn't demonstrate actual repentance.

As to using the incident? I think it's perfectly appropriate to state as a matter of fact that Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my guns.

That's a matter of fact.

Other Side said...

That's fine, but if you remember, I was not referring to you, but to Wiggy's comment.

His stance on the anti-abortion issue has nothing to do with this.