Thursday, October 11, 2007

A New Crandon Murder Theory

Jessica McBride has a new post up regarding the Crandon murders. Under the title, Open Comment Thread", McBride asks this:

OK, post your theories.

How do you think the Crandon killer managed to shoot himself three times in the head?

I left a comment but somehow think it won't be printed. My theory is this:

Because he read this blog?

All right, it was snarky.

UPDATE: OMG! She did. Free speech lives.

4 Swings of the bat:

Tom McMahon said...

Such a weird situation up there.

Other Side said...

It sure is.

Tom McMahon said...

Slate just posted an answer to this exact question. Great minds, etc . . .

capper said...

Not to be a critic, but your response would have made more sense if she asked "Why did he shoot himself in the head three times?"

But seeing as the question is "How...", I would have said, "By numbing his senses by reading her blog". Trivial, I realize, but that's me.