Sunday, October 14, 2007

Free for All

I find myself appalled at the U.S. Senate's condemnation of MoveOn's “General Betrayus” ad. I am equally appalled at the idea of a resolution by Democratic senators condemning Rush Limbaugh for his “phony soldiers” remarks. Both actions taken are distasteful.

It is completely inappropriate and chilling that any government body be leading such undemocratic actions. Of course, you'll find few if any conservative bloggers who agree.

Apparently, free speech is only free when they're the ones doing the talking.

UPDATE: Well, except for elliot and Dean.

5 Swings of the bat:

Michael said...

I"m with you. But that's cause I'm a free speech fanatic.

capper said...

One would think that Congress would have more important issues to address than issuing a formal "Tsk, tsk" to anyone. You know, small things, like getting us the hell out of Iraq, paying for Bush's monstrous deficit and debt, and taking care of their own citizens' health care needs.

Dean said...

I am, too, Tim, so I'm with you too. I agree with capper, don't they have anything more important to do than what ad someone is putting in a paper or who's running off at the mouth?

Dad29 said...

Eventually, you'll join me in naming them ALL the Party-In-Gummint---

PIG for short.

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