Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Irony Never Sleeps

h/t This Modern World

A sampling of the email Markos received from Bill O’Reilly’s viewers after Bill O’Reilly — who later in the same broadcast professed complete computer illiteracy — denounced Daily Kos as a "hate site."



Your Evil, Fascist Organization.

Fascist scum like your organization need to be removed and sent to another universe from this one. Evil prevails in your organization, and I hope you will receive the reckoning you deserve when all of you meet your Makers. A gentle riddance to thou in the interim.

…suck beyond belief. Hurry up and die.

I have never seen so much hate

I have never seen so much hate you would embarrassed Nazi’s

Why can’t people like you just make a living, instead of hating everyone else?

Are you all muslims?

I just say fuck you, asshole


I hope you all die a slow death. Much like you wish on good honest people like T. Snow, the Pope, etc. Liberal Fucks! I hope you choke on the smog & drown in the global warming waters caused by cows. You people are so stupid.

IE: San Fransisco is much better now a days since the liberal invasion 1/2 century ago. Hmmmm: It’s full of disease, poverty, queers(goes with disease…..), and polution. You people can’t keep your backyard clean, but cont. to impose your views on other parts of the country. I’m so sad your still around. I’m sure you’ll die off sooner than later. Much like you morals have. Go eat some grass

Anyone who’s been on or mentioned by one of these shows knows there will be a flood of this sewage in their inbox soon thereafter. O’Reilly certainly knows it as well.

Reads like some of the high-minded commenting found at Real Debate and Badger Blogger here in SE Wisconsin.

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Anonymous said...

I have seen comments like these coming from both the far left and the far right. And they are just as reprehensible from the left as from the right. These comments have no place in any reasonable discussion. These types of responses do not deserve to see the light of day, and anyone who posts them like this is doing nothing more than fanning the flames of intolerance and hate.

Other Side said...

I see ... that neatly absolves your side from any blame and deflects attention away from the real villains. I think not.

It was the people who made the comments in the first place who are fanning the flames, not Tom Tomorrow nor myself. Shame on you.

capper said...


Anony does have a valid point in that the right does not have the market cornered on stupidity. A lion's share, without a doubt, but not the whole thing.

That aside, when I see comments like those, it tells me that the people making those comment either don't have a vaild point and they are trying to cover that up, or that they have the insight of a fetid mouse turd. When someone says things like that to me, it tells me that I was right.

Other Side said...

capper: It is certainly true that there are idiots on the left.

"... fetid mouse turd."

I liked that!

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, look in a damned mirror.

All you do is attack, we try to discuss things at my site and you try to bring me into this filth?

The amount of lunacy & hate you leftists ignore of your own never ceases to amaze.

Please, just keep me out of your little hate fest I want nothing to do with it, or you.

Other Side said...

There's that mirror argument again. What do you have against mirrors, Fred?

Freddy, the post was about conservative hate comments, of which there are boundless amounts at your site whether you believe it or not.

Now, do you want to comment about that and we can start a discussion about the level of vitriol on both sides, or are you going to sit still in your smug little cocoon, fooling yourself that you are the arbiter of all that is right in this world.

FYI: I don't hate you, Freddy. You are too amusing.

Phelony Jones said...

I think comparing these to the comments at Badger or Real Debate is a bit of a stretch. On numerous occasions I see Fred and Patrick admonishing commenters who cross the line. They also will post in response saying that the comment removed was inappropriate and that those types of comments are unwelcome on their sites. You might find the commentary at BB or RDW amusing in a left/right sense, but it's never like the example commentary here.

Besides I'd like to think that both sides of the cheddarsphere are a lot better behaved.

Other Side said...

You are right, the majority of commenters are better behaved than the examples provided.

The post was intended to garner a response. As I stated earlier (in agreement with capper) there is plenty of vitriol to go around on both sides.

However, I would state for the record that the level of uncomfortable commenting is higher on the right side of the cheddarsphere than the left. I don't see any lefties commenting like our friend Mickey, or even Chris when he was on one of his unwarranted and ugly rants.

Fred provides a decent place for commenting on the right ... lefties generally get tarred and feathered when they go there. His holier than thou smugness does get a little old.

As far as claims that I attack otheres ... when I see decent liberal poilcies, politicians and bloggers smeared I will stand up to those who do the nasty. Too bad if that doesn't go over well.

Thanks for your comments, Phel.

Phelony Jones said...

de rien, mon ami!

Other Side said...

Und ich bin Ihr Freund.


Tom McMahon said...

See this post on my site for some great over-the-top comments: I Am SOOOO Sick Of Hunter S. Thompson. And to think I used to be such a sensitive sort.