Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Diversity 101

The Republicans' idea of diversity means giving the people a choice between a rich old white guy, a richer old white guy and a richer, older, whiter guy.

-- Will Durst

6 Swings of the bat:

Tom McMahon said...

But in reality, the Republicans' real idea of diversity is to let African Americans themselves decide where they want to send their kids to school.

Other Side said...

That's really funny and oh, if it were only true. Fact is, these private schools pick and choose from the ranks of those that request admission. Hardly allowing them a choice.

And, the majority still wind up being lower income whites. Cry me a river.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the Republican idea of diversity was to take all our money and sometimes giving it to Big Oil, sometimes to Big Pharma, sometimes to themselves, etc.

Dad29 said...

Of course, the Democrats differ.

THEIR idea of diversity is:

1) Find every single human-makeup accident (not substance) which is noticeable.

2) Require that every remaining American provide a fortune in jobs, benefits, and sinecures for those afflicted by accidental differential conditions (ADC).

3) Exempt those afflicted by ADC from any requirement to contribute to #2 above.

Other Side said...

I'm at a friend home and we are about to leave fort camping. Anyway, you exaggerate ... a great deal. Later, daddio.

Dad29 said...


Happy to know you're off to the woods, and having read my post that you have all the necessary extra-energy to defeat the hungry bears, if necessary.