Friday, April 13, 2007

My Soda Has Zero Calories ... Nyah Nyah Nyah

I was heading back home from having picked up some goods at the local Pick n’ Save. Turned on the radio thinking I might catch the Brewers/Cardinals game and was shocked to hear the unmistakably shrill voice of Jessica McBride. Damn, rain delay.

So, I listened a bit, hard though it was on my ears. She was talking about State Senator Ted Kanavas’ gimmick of highlighting 30 different tax or fee increases during the month of April. All right, I thought. Big deal … I do like to know where my money is being spent, though I’m less needy than my conservative brethren ... so I decided to listen until I got home.

Apparently today, Kanavas highlighted a 2 cent increase on the cost of each can of soda … the revenue, estimated to be about $70 million, to be directed to a trust fund used to increase dental reimbursement rates.

I was turning into the driveway when Jessica started in on this, so wanting to hear what she would end up saying about the increase, I waited to turn the car off. She concluded by saying (paraphrasing) “I drink Coke Zero. There are no calories in Coke Zero. So I don’t want to have to pay for dental reimbursement for the poor because my soda doesn’t contribute to cavities.”

Two things struck me as odd about this.:

One: McBride must really dislike those less fortunate than her because she sure jumped on them pretty quickly. In fact, no where in Mr. Kanavas’ spiel was anything mentioned about the reimbursement being strictly for the poor.

Two: Calories have nothing to do with tooth decay.

Is McBride really this dumb?

(fyi: Diet colas don't contain sugars that cause tooth decay but they contain phosphoric acid. Acids can cause erosion in teeth. It’s different from decay, but can be just as bad. On the other hand, Coke Zero does contain aspartame, which some have linked to brain cancer. If true, that would explain much about McBride.)

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James Wigderson said...

One of her callers explained the same thing (which she already knew), and I'm throwing a yellow flag for cheap shot.

Other Side said...

So why would she say it if she knew it already? Cut it out ... She only realized how silly it sounded after someone told her (probably from the studio crew).

Very gallant of you, though. You would have made a fine knight, James. Very chivalrous. Though, knight-errant might have been more accurate.

Anonymous said...

James, you have to realize that Tim is handicapped having never read "Don Quixote"!!! Ah, James you did read "Don Quixote" right??

Billiam said...

Tim, I love ya, man. But, you seem as obsessed with McBride as some are with Kane. As to the tax, I guess I have the same questions I always have. How much is enough? When did it become the State's responsibility to take care of people? That's NOT it's job. I give to charities so THEY can help those less fortunate than I. The more the State takes from me, the less I give. Of course, we ALL know how good the State is with money. (Heavy sarcasm, for those slow on the up-take)

Other Side said...

Backatcha, Bill.

I don't like taxation anymore than the average guy. I, however, do not have a problem with my fair share. Do I think 2 cents a soda is extravagent? No. Do I think it leads to slippery slope taxation? No again.

There are those who are less well of than us. I am not for the "welfare" state ... but I don't have a problem lending a helping hand ... for example when used for a fund that makes dental care just a little more affordable for some (I don't drink soda, though.).

As much as some say Kane brings it on himself, McBride does the same.

She takes time to "smack down" liberals or liberal policies EVERY chance she gets ... and usually in an immature and sophomoric way with no regard for facts. And, she can be downright vicious. She deserves everything she gets.

fyi: What she does receive is nothing compared to some of the approbation thrown at our founding fathers. I think we're fairly tame with her, considering.

Billiam said...

My point exactly. I heard her for a bit the other night, going on about how the Duke boys weren't at all responsible for the situation. While they didn't rape the woman, she's done this before, they did throw the party and hire the strippers. This is an un-forseen, un-deserved and unfortunate consequence of their actions. They have some small responsibility, unintended, but some, none the less. Again, as to taxes, where is the line drawn? I pay enough already. I also don't mind lending a hand. That should be for ME to decide, not Doyle, or any other pol.

David Casper said...

Tim's obsession appears to be more and more appropriate with every passing day.

Dad29 said...

Tim, if you are all that interested in the welfare of dental patients, then next time you visit the dentist, toss an extra $50.00 into his hopper and tell him to treat an uninsured person with it.

I think your concept is splendid, so long as you're not using everyone ELSE's money.

Other Side said...

As I said earlier, I'm not as needy as you are, daddio.

Anonymous said...

I can sympathize with Dad29 on this taxation thing. I wish they'd support the "war" in Iraq with someone else's money. Tell you what, I'll throw 50 bones into a hopper.