Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Those Darn Black People

I don’t recall any outrage pouring out from the wing-nut talking heads when this killing occurred. FYI: This guy was white.

The 24-year-old Milwaukee man who admitted killing a college student and Jimmy John's delivery driver last fall pleaded guilty today to felonies that carry a maximum possible sentence of 263 years in prison.

Prosecutors agreed to reduce the first-degree intentional homicide charge against Michael R. Green, of the 2000 block of S. 16th St., to first-degree reckless homicide in exchange for Green pleading guilty to shooting Joseph Munz, 21, to death while Munz was delivering food in the Riverwest neighborhood Oct. 10.

Green also pleaded guilty to nine other felony counts, mostly relating to a string of armed robberies he admitted to police, and prosecutors agreed to recommend he spend 60 years in prison.

Speaking of wing-nuts … they must collaborate on their own internal SE Wiscosnin talking points memos. This non-story happened some time ago. It was published in Frontline Pravda, er Milwaukee ... you know, UWM's version of Faux News on-line. The one produced by Jessica McBride, who also happens to be responsible for all content. Nothing like teaching the kiddies how not to think for themselves.

Anyway, the story, which was written ostensibly by Rebecca Kontowicz (though the style was strikingly sophomoric, like McBride's) had to do with some hoodlums, who happened to be black, wreaking havoc around the UWM campus. Ms Kontowicz complained that the JournalSentinel did not identify the hoodlums as black, thereby doing a disservice.

UPDATE: Well not really. The rest of this item disappeared ... probably my ineptitude. I was going to say that both Charlie Sykes and Patrick McIlheran linked to this article approvingly.

The problem with all this, which will never be answered ... did Kontowicz look to see if there were any instances where white lawbreakers were not identified by race, or are blacks the only ones she is concerned with? Hmmm. She's learning from the best race-baiters around.

4 Swings of the bat:

Aaron said...

There was buzz over that story.

In particular, I remember someone ripping on a blogger (someone outside my normal reading list) for complaining that the same Jimmy John's wouldn't deliver his sandwich to the curb less than a week later and wouldn't allow his dog in the store.

Whirl-Away said...

I don't think she would be all that concerned about someone stealing library books or skateboarding outside the union. ARMED ROBBERY??? uhh yeah, she'd like full disclosure.
Also, she was "complaining" about the sanitized campus email that was sent by UWM PR.

Not that it matters, but take another look at Green.
As for as the outrage, were you on a yoga retreat the week Munz was shot?

David Casper said...

Yeah...this one was pretty much the buzz for some time. I think you just missed it.

Other Side said...

Fair enough on the Munz buzz ... I remember it, don't remember too much outrage from the talking heads ... maybe you guys were all over it ... I had just started blogging then.

I stand by the other issue, though. It would have been a more complete story if she had dug deeper to see if the same type of sanitized pr was issued for white hoodlums. She did not ... it's typical of McBride and now, her young flunkies, to only get outraged over incidents with black overtomes.

You guys complain about "liberal bias" in the media. We don't see that. I suspect our arguments that the talking head wing-nuts are a bit preoccupied with black issues are overlooked similarly.

Anyway, thanks for your comments (fyi: I need yoga. I'm getting old and my joints are stiff).