Monday, March 12, 2007

More Gingrich Absurdity

A little more in-depth information regarding the darling of the right, the “intellectual,” Newt Gingrich. Here's a summary of Gingrich's family life, from Scoobie Davis):

1) Gingrich marries his high school teacher, Jackie, who was seven years his senior.
2) Jackie puts Gingrich through college and she works hard to get him elected to the House in 1978 (Gingrich won partly because his campaign claimed that his Democratic opponent would neglect her family if elected -- at that time it was common knowledge that Gingrich was straying).
3) Shortly after being elected, Gingrich separated from his wife -- announcing the separation in the hospital room where Jackie was recovering from cancer surgery (the divorce was final in 1981); Jackie Gingrich and her children had to depend on alms from her church because Gingrich didn't pay any child support.
4) Six months after the divorce, Gingrich, then 38, married Marianne Ginther, 30.
5) "In May 1999, however, Gingrich [55] called Marianne [48] at her mother's home. After wishing the 84-year-old matriarch happy birthday, he told Marianne that he wanted a divorce." This was eight months after Marianne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
6) In 2000, Gingrich, 57, married ex-congressional aide Callista Bisek, 34 (kind of like an intern ... my comment), with whom he was having a relationship while married to Marianne.

Bill Clinton was wrong to philander about, and he should have had more sense than to fool around with an intern. But two things need to be said: Clinton’s perjury had to do with being reticent about admitting a sexual tryst … hardly something that would bring down a nation, and, truthfully, it was just an attempt to smear and embarrass Clinton. Conservatives should really look at themselves before making their stupid claims of hatred of Bush.

Nothing Bill Clinton did compares in banality and pure evil than what Gingrich did to his women. The man is a pig.

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grumps said...

Actually, he gives pigs a bad name.

If this is palatable to the Family Values crowd they have more troubles than government can solve.

Anonymous said...

But, a good Christian...


TrueConservative said...


Your profile indicates education as your profession. Do you teach? Are you employed by a K-12 Public School District?

Just wondering... because I believe you supported some where else a very prominent private school voucher proponent and relatively well known public school hater.

Other Side said...

No and no. It would be better if you identified who I supported ... might make commenting easier.

However, I'm assuming it's James Wigderson. Any support I may have shown in the past was a result of my being friendly towards him. I like him.

I disagree completely with school vouchers and the choice program and James and I have tangled over that in the past.

Anonymous said...

click on Steve's comments over at the Pub. He feels he has your support.

Other Side said...

I see.

He has my support if we both detest anonymous commenters who like to trash others (not your comments, though I would wish a name).

Otherwise, we differ on school vouchers, and I suspect the political front as well.

I don't know Mr. Edlund or the others he mentioned, however, though a person's political and even religious background may be different than mine, that does not disqualify that person from possibly being my friend.

Example: James W. and I differ greatly on a vast array of subjects. But I do appreciate his wit, knowledge and ability to argue cogently. I've not seen James (we were college acquaintances) for about 20 years ... yet, and especially because of the correspondence we've had the past year, I consider him a friend.

TrueConservative said...

actually everyone assumes they know who the anonymous commenters are. In the world of blogging anonymity is what makes things interesting. I too enjoy JWs wit but I don't care for his attacks on others while he protests the attacks on those he favors. Anonymously or not.

Other Side said...

We differ on the merits of anonymity. However, I do maintain e-mail communications with a number of bloggers and I keep all confidential.

Something to think about.