Friday, February 09, 2007

A Putz Again

Paddy Mac doesn’t like Jay Bullock. The Macmeister’s blog post titled: So, Folkbum, is 'mother...' how you want your religion referred to?, is so waggish and drips of so much pathos that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Basically, Mac-the-dull-knife attempts to take folkbum to task for supporting John Edward’s blogger, Amanda Marcotte. He says this about her: “She is not about being colorful and outspoken in support of some view. She is about insulting Catholicism in gutter terms.” Fine. Edward's choice (sorry, not a very bright choice, though). But, this from the same guy who said Ann Coulter could be “mean.” MEAN.

A little perspective, please.

Of course, the Macman, who is a quiver short of being a full arrow, leaves himself open to this thought … what about the pious Muslims in the world who might not like having their faith dragged through the gutter, or does pathos only work one way?

Piss off, Putzmeister. And, your prose is still too gooey.

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