Thursday, January 18, 2007

To Everything ... Spin, Spin, Spin

Does this surprise anyone?

Without a majority in Congress, the Bush administration has suddenly decided that allowing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court to oversee the National Security Agency’s wiretapping program, which it was created to do in the first place, is a good thing. That the administration still believes it did nothing wrong is illustrated by its continued assertion (from the NY Times) …

… on Wednesday that the N.S.A. program had operated legally, but it also said the time had come to allow the intelligence surveillance court, known as the FISA court, to review all warrants on all wiretaps in terrorism investigations.

“There’s obviously an advantage to having all three branches involved,” said a senior Justice Department official, who briefed reporters on the decision on condition of anonymity. “This issue of the terrorist surveillance program is one that has been under intense public debate and scrutiny on the Hill, and just considering all these circumstances, the president determined that this is the appropriate course.”


I'll be curious to see the spin from local conservative bloggers.

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