Saturday, January 06, 2007

She Makes Me Sick

Jessica McBride implies in this post at her blogsite that there are those (hmmm … liberal leaning maybe) who feel sorry for the execution of Saddam Hussein. She uses as an example of how people should not feel sorry for the spectacle of his execution a link to a site which shows gruesome photos of the execution of Benito Mussolini, former WWII Italian dictator who met his fate after being captured by partisans near the end of that war (I'll let you link to her site to link to the photos).

McBride clearly displays her bloodlust and lack of character. There is no one I know that feels sorry for what happened to Hussein. What is of concern is the undignified way the execution was carried out. One can paint it anyway they want, but though Iraqis may have been operating the gallows mechanism the execution was still carried out with the approval of the U.S. military. The affair is troubling and augers nothing but continued bad news from that sad corner of the world.

But she doesn’t get it. This woman is a pathetic excuse for a human being. She was wildly supportive of the despicable website that her husband, Paul Bucher, used to smear Kathleen Falk (the site has been dismantled). She continues to spout lie upon lie about our involvement in Iraq, though the evidence every day makes her look foolish. She makes a mockery of the profession she professes to teach by spewing crap of bias about it while exercising no restraint herself.

Her husband was soundly defeated even in his home county, even though she wrote a column in its major newspaper, has her own blogsite and her own show on WTMJ … none of this could help stave off defeat. That he was defeated speaks volumes about how voters viewed his and her character.

But, give her credit. She does continue to play the role of “Eva” exquisitely.

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