Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hot Air Blimpoids

One butthead says something absolutely stupid and the entire wing-nut brigade goes into mass hyper-ventilation. One dummy says that bloggers and talk (hate) radio are irresponsible for challenging this person, and the hot air gets hotter.

Let’s get one thing clear: what this employee said was unfortunate and wrong. Our troops deserve support. This soldier did not deserve to hear this. However, the employee also had a right to say what he said, regardless of how unprofessional and immature it was.

Right wing bloggers and talk (hate) radio have a right, too, to mouth off in response. However, contrary to what Jeff Wagner or Paddy Mac might think, it is not the left that needs to GROW UP. The right needs to rein in the rhetoric and stop making mountains out of molehills. Charlie Sykes tried to say today that liberals were using the victim card. After eight years of victim card usage by Sykes and his fellow card players on the right, all I could do was laugh (and turn the channel).

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