Friday, August 18, 2006

More lies, another war, the death toll soars

-- by John Sugg

"Never has so much military and economic and diplomatic power been used so ineffectively, and if after all this time, and all of this sacrifice, and of all this support, there is no end in sight, then I say for the American people to turn to new leadership not tied to the mistakes and policies of the past."-- Richard Nixon, 1968

In August 1939, German soldiers dressed as Poles seized a German radio station and broadcast an inflammatory message. It was the justification the Nazis cited for launching what would become World War II.

Six years later, what began as a "false flag" provocation ended after the deaths of 48 million people.

In August 1964, the United States claimed North Vietnamese boats had attacked two of our destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin. The uncritical press -- practicing "war enabling" that would be the norm by the time George W. Bush became president -- trumpeted the administration spin. The New York Times, for example, reported: "President Johnson has ordered retaliatory action against gunboats and 'certain supporting facilities in North Vietnam' after renewed attacks against American destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin."

Decades later, a book by investigative author Tom Wells, The War Within: America's Battle Over Vietnam, detailed elements of Johnson's lie. Rather than a "response" to provocation, LBJ's escalation really "reflected plans the administration had already drawn up for gradually increasing" attacks on North Vietnam. We wanted all-out war and we got it, based on a lie, at the cost of 50,000 American lives and 2 million, maybe 3 million, Vietnamese.

And, so now in August 2006, we learn -- if we're diligent because newspapers such as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution are burying the story or not printing it at all -- that the destruction of a democracy, Lebanon, was not mere "tit for tat" by Israel.

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Julie said...

I find it amazing how history repeats itself so often. It is really a shame that we do not learn from our past while we head for our future.

In Feb, 2001, I wrote a letter to President Bush asking him not to bomb Iraq. I received a reply from someone at the state department. When we began bombing Iraq, I had wondered if this was tied into Bush's earlier plan to bomb Iraq.

Too bad I was right. I so much wanted to be wrong, so that we could justify the dead on both sides.

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Michael said...

I'm confused by this post. Are you saying that Israel had always intended to destroy Lebanon and either seized the opportunity or created it?

Is there evidence for this?

Other Side said...

Elliot/Michael ... I suggest you utilize the link I provided over John Sugg's name at the top of the post. It will provide more information.

I did not write this post. I did, however, find what Sugg had to say provocative. Read it and decide for yourself. I happen to distrust the Bush administration more than you (I'm guessing, lol) so my thoughts lead in a direction similar to Sugg's.

Let me know what you think.