Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Glass House Resident

Peter DiGaudio, of Texas Hold’em Blogger fame, is concerned about the privacy rights of the Swift Boat felons … you know, the guys who made up stories about John Kerry at the behest of Karl Rove.

Apparently, some people have published personal info about them on Huffington Post (according to Peter) and they’re upset, and so is Peter. Personal info should not be played over the Internet, he says.

Hmmm, Peter should follow his own advice. It wasn’t too long ago that Michele Malkin thought it okay to post the e-mail addresses of students who were involved with Students Against War (they had included them in a press release). She did so and was bombarded with nasty e-mails for doing it.

Petey defended her right and re-posted the student’s e-mail addresses not once, but twice.

No one here condones the messages of hate the Swiftys likely received, or what the students probably received. But ...

Cut it out, Peter. Your own words condemn you. Just another case of DiGaudio hypocrisy.

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