Friday, June 16, 2006

Still Here

Still here. Blogging is taking a back seat to my wife's pregnancy. Ten weeks and counting and all systems go. We have a doctor appointment on Monday at which time we hope to receive continued good news. Then it's off to camping for the rest of the week, culminating in a 50th birthday bash for five guys who graduated together in 1974.

There will likely be conservatives and liberals in attendance. We didn't have to pretend to be nice, or act like lap dogs, to invite the conservatives, they were already our friends (heck, my wife numbers herself among conservatives ... but she's much smarter than most of them, she married me).

Anyway, scanned through a number of blogs and while there is plenty to blog about, don't feel like it. Enjoy the weekend.

Oh, I've thought of doing this for a while. Below is a list of my favorite blogs (in no particular order). These bloggers write with style.

The Xoff Files
Liberal voice with an attitude. Doesn't back down from the hacks and has skin the thickness of a rhinocerous (his words).

folkbum's rambles and rants
A more gentle liberal voice from the viewpoint of an educator (I'd want him as my kids' teacher). Not afraid to take on the forces of evil (McIlheran). And, his Friday Random Ten introduces me to music I've likely not heard.

Pundit Nation
A newer entry and old college buddy, Mike Mathias. We actually both ran for editorship of the UWM Post many years ago. Mike was victorious, but not by that much. Excellent writer and by all accounts, great husband and father. Good to be in contact with again.

Above the Borderline
These guys are crazy. Jim Nelson leads this pack of western Wisconsin bloggers who are not afraid to duke it out with the forces of evil, and with humor.

Wigderson's Library & Pub
James Wigderson. Shameless promoter (I mean that well) and active conservative and conservative writer. He has a Thursday column in the Waukesha Freeman that is a must read, even if you disagree. His humor is edgy ... and my mom likes him.

Shark and Shepherd
I don't agree often with Rick Esenberg, lawyer and teacher at Marquette. But he brings a decisiveness to his writing that, regardless of what side you're on, is refreshing. I simply like to read his posts, though I often gnash my teeth at the end of them. Nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree.

The Happy Circumstance
Grumps. The name he uses for his posts suggests someone elderly. His writing suggests something else ... vibrant and standing up for what's right (yuck, I didn't really use Syke's line). But grumps is always fun to read and gives good comment.

Max and Molly's Mom
What can I say, my wife is beautiful in every way and I am truly blessed.

3 Swings of the bat:

JPN said...


I wanted to add a observation to your camping trip comment. I go off to one or two bluegrass festivals every summer to meet up with musician and music-loving friends. I camp with the same tent I've used for 12 years. I camp with the Wellstone rednecks. Some of my old camp mates are down in the conservative RV ghetto now. We still seem to be able to get along and jam till the sun comes up.

Last year a group of pickers down the way from had a trio of bumper stickers that spoke it all: one was for Bush, one for Kerry, one didn't have any bumper sticker.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Tim... Have fun camping

Other Side said...

Thanks backatcha, Clint.