Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hanky Time

Another boo hoo piece from a conservative blogger. Once again it's the liberals' fault for all their woes. I'll let him speak for himself.

6 Swings of the bat:

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that all you can see is Hatred. T

he post actually raises a good question that you havent answered, WHERE IS THE 'QUALITY OF LIFE' THAT WE ARE PAYING FOR.

The question requires thought.

Other Side said...

The quality of life is what you make of it. Whining about it doesn't solve anything.

Anonymous said...

So if quality of life is what we make of it, why do we have such high taxes?

Other Side said...

It isn't all about money, Clint. I thought your comment about your children proved you kinda got it. Guess not.

Anonymous said...

No Tim, it was about the arguement that liberals in Wisconsin use that High taxes are ok because we have a high quality of life. My contention is that people who think that we have a high quality of life are high themselves.

Do you think that we have a 'high quality of life' here in Wisconsin?

Other Side said...

I have traveled quite a lot, been to nearly every state. Gotta tell you, we are pretty fortunate in this state and much of it does have to do with the taxes we pay. Our roads are better, our health care is better and our public schools are still better. It's been you and your cronies who have been responsible for any slippage in these areas.

Having said that, there did seem to be a time when tax money was spent more wisely, when cronyism did not play a part in distribution of funds for projects.

Were mistakes made? Sure. Patrick Moynihan was an early supporter of welfare, but very quickly changed his tune when he saw the effects free money had on people. Wisconsin Works started out with a lot of promise, but then it got turned upside down by greed (read Republican companies that supported TT).

That's just one example. Yeah, you guys have come up with some great plans.

By the way ... I think I have a very high quality of life (not the cannabis type). Personally I do everything I can to make sure of it. I'm healthy, I love my wife and family, I love my country, I have good friends, fun hobbies, love working in the yard and I like blogging.

Sorry that your life is so sad.