Monday, March 27, 2006

Insult of the Day

Patrick McIlheran has claimed he wants to promote civil discourse between left and right, but then he insults the people who are involved in the anti-war referendums by implying they somehow do not support the troops.

If you aren’t in a town holding a referendum but want to do something for our
soldiers anyhow, you can check America Supports You, a site run by the
Department of Defense to let people cheer on the soldiers.

Seems to me that the people holding these referendums to get our troops HOME, support them more than McIlheran who simply wants to cheer them on. “Go guys go, sorry you lost your big toe.”

And then, he has another piece on tolerance in San Francisco. The article he links to describes the efforts of Ron Luce, leader of a group of 25,000 Christian Evangelicals, who came to San Francisco to combat the “virtue terrorism" of popular culture.” McIlheran displays his hypocrisy by failing to note that the group involved, which is led by Ron Luce, has been praised by Rev. Jerry Falwell and Fox News commentator Sean Hannity (well known tolerant guys), and that much of the statistical backing for the horrors Luce claims comes from TV is provided by a group that is funded by the hyper-conservative and ultra-tolerant Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundations.

The "fair and balanced" McIlheran cannot get his facts straight either. Jessica McBucher is not a journalism prof as he states, she is a lecturer. Big difference.

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