Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Innocence of Bubble Baths

I was preparing to give my five-year old daughter a bath this morning when she asked me if it could be a play bath...meaning bubbles. I said sure, there was time, and wondered out loud if she wanted toys other than the yellow duckies. She said to bring her the Ken doll, "The one with the swimsuit on," and her Barbie. "But take her clothes off first" she said. I smiled as a memory was ignited from my wedding night....

I was already in the jacuzzi. It was about half full. I asked Kelly for the bubble juice. She handed it to me, but warned me to be careful because it was concentrated. I poured a little in and splashed it about with my hand. No bubbles.

Hmmm. I poured some more in and splashed again. Again, no bubbles.

"Kelly, this stuff must be old," I said.

Kelly looked into the mirror at me (isn't it fun how those little memories remain) and said that it was possible.

I poured a quarter of the bottle into the jacuzzi and splashed around. Still no bubbles.

"Oh well. Can you live without bubbles?"


"Okay," I sighed, and reached over and turned on the jets.

Bubbles began to appear.

"Hey look," I said. "Finally."

More bubbles. Soon bubbles covered the water.

"Uh. I think we may have a problem. Check this out, Kelly."

She turned and looked and laughed. "It's precisely for this reason that I married you," she said.

And the bubbles continued to grow until their peaks towered over my head. At that point I turned off the jets and disappeared, only to return a moment later looking like the Snow Miser. Then Kelly joined me in the tub.

Have you ever noticed that naked Barbies are very anatomically accurate these days, though it is still too easy to remove their arms and legs.

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