Monday, March 20, 2006

At Ease

This letter from Bill Frist appears at DailyKos. I won't reprint the entire letter, but one portion of it is very funny (c-below) ... Frist's response to (purported memo) saying that Democrats should use military settings as backdrops for speeches and such.

In case Senate Democrats do not know, it is illegal to hold political events at
military bases. Not to mention despicable to use the military and their
families in this way.
No kidding Dr. Longe Range Diagnosis. But ... hmmm ... when was the last time that Bush and Cheney were not seen speaking in front of a military audience that was being used as backdrop for their speech?

Then, Frist says:
If the Democrats wanted to truly help our troops they wouldn't advocate
cutting-and-running from Iraq, they wouldn't call for a censure vote of
President Bush and they wouldn't ingratiate themselves with the Michael Moore
wing of their own Party.
Yeah, and maybe you can get your personal TV station, Faux News, to quit trotting out the Ann Coulter wing of your party.

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