Friday, February 03, 2006

Death Threats for Voting

Typical. This news item from Channel 3000, shows just how dangerous neo cons and wing nuts are. Because Democratic Rep. John Steinbrink voted to sustain Gov. Jim Doyle's veto of the conceal carry bill, two wing nuts decided to call his home and threaten him.

These bastards have no regard for civil rights. These bastards have no balls...they call anonymously. They can laugh all they want about the perceived antics of Cindy Sheehan, or about Michael Moore, but these people are simply exercising their right as Americans to protest. The right wing nut jobs, on the other hand, cannot tolerate differences of opinion. These idiots are egged on by:

Charlie Yikes: He refuses to allow anyone with an opposing view on his show amd continues to show his racist colors by fanning the flames with incendiary pieces like the School Voucher ad. It wasn't too long ago that he was fueling the fears of white suburbanites regarding Northridge. Additionally, Mr. Defense of Marriage is on his third now.

Ann Coulter: Despite the denials of conservative bloggers, she IS representative of the conservative movement. She just isn't afraid to speak it's beliefs in public. But it's okay at home by the well-stocked...liquor...cabinet.

Bill O'Reilly: has there ever been a blowhard like this fool? He makes Goebbels look like a saint.

Jessica McBucher: This trite little trollop comes from the Yikes mold. Spew the rhetoric, but don't allow anyone to comment. Can you say Pravda?

Pigs all. And yet, I would not deny them the right to mouth off. Ain't the Constitution grand? Problem is, they would do away with it if they could.

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