Friday, January 13, 2006 first post. I'll start with the Packers. In Wisconsin, one is always safe discussing the Packers. I like the Mike McCarthy pick as coach. Why? Mainly because he is from Pittsburgh. They make them tough in Pittsburgh. If there was one thing that I think has been lacking from the Packers (other than Favre) it is toughness.

I also like that he immediately stated that all that was needed for the Packers was retooling, not rebuilding. The Pack does not need to rebuild. They have a lot of young talent. And they gained experience this year. Now let's hope that Favre hangs around one more year at least.

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Anonymous said...

So, do you think that Favre is going to come back this year as a Quarterback? He's given strong hints that he won't.
I was just asking the other day what is the purpose of a "Blog"... I am still not clear on this. How did it get the name Blog...? Janet and EJ have one - I think it's called "BlueWorld"'s quite beautiful. Apparently Janet is the one who writes on it mostly.

Give it a try and see how it goes.